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June 2003 - June 2004 Album


Ellen Stoll Walsh, Robin Pulver, Linda Sue Park, and me — about to start our road trip to Toronto for ALA June 2003


Rochester Children's Book Festival—Rochester, NY—October, 2003:  VVV and assistant


Rochester Children's Book Festival:  Scott Gibala-Broxholm giving a drawing demonstration of his character, Scary Fright


Rochester Children's Book Festival:  MJ Auch and fans


Rochester Children's Book Festival:  Alice and the White Rabbit

Home for the Holidays:  Holiday Feast of Children's Writers—Fairport, NY - 2003

back row:  M.J. Auch, Ellen Stoll Walsh, Marsha Hayles, Alice DeLaCroix, Carol Johmann, Jan Czech, Judy Bradbury, VVV

front:  Michelle Knudsen, Linda Sue Park, Scott Gibala-Broxholm, Robin Pulver


Holiday Feast:  Judy and Jan


Holiday Feast:  Leander Watts and Will Hubble


Holiday Feast:  Linda Sue


Holiday Feast:  MJ Auch and Andrea Page


Holiday Feast:  VVV in presentation room


Holiday Feast:  presentation room


Holiday Feast:  Robin and Carol


Webb School of Knoxville—November 2003 (Knoxville, Tennessee)


Maryville High School—November 2003 (Maryville, Tennessee)


At Rochester School for the Deaf—January 2004


Rochester School for the Deaf—January 2004


Austin SCBWI's "Mind, Body and Pen" Annual Retreat —January 2004


Greece (NY)  Public Library—Feb. 25


Warrensburg, Missouri—Children's Literature Festival — March 14 - 16, 2004


Warrensburg, MO


Warrensburg, MO


Warrensburg, MO


Oklahoma Road Middle School, Maryland — March 25,2004


Oklahoma Road Middle School


Oklahoma Road Middle School Readathon Limo Adventure


Shiloh Middle School, Maryland — March 26, 2004


Iroquois School in Rochester, NY — March 29, 2004


St. John the Evangelist School—Greece, NY:  March 2004


12 Corners Middle School — Brighton, NY:  April 6


caricature drawn by Eden School art teacher, Frank Ortolano, as part of my visit, April 21, 2004


Curtiss School, Hammondsport, NY — April 23, 2004


Avoca School, Avoca, NY — April 23, 2004


signing at Anthony Road Winery:  May 8, 2004


Monroe Communicty College/Gail Bouk's Children's Lit class:  May 14, 2004


Corpus Christi School in Rochester, NY:  May 18, 2004 — 5 & 6th graders


Corpus Christi School — Chris Lynch's pre-K class


Field trip to Mt. Hope Cemetery (Rochester, NY) with Laurie Thurston's class from Gates Chili High School — May 21, 2004


Guilderland Public Library, Guilderland, NY — June 5th, 2004