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Rochester Children's Book Festival in Rochester, NY - Nov. 5, 2022
Our 25th Rochester Children's Book Festival, held on a beautiful autumn day at our new location: Rochester Institute of Technology with 46 authors and illustrators.
Kalynn Bayron somehow evaded both me and the official photographer, but here is her picture from the RCBF website
Susan Williams Beckhorn
Julie Berry
Kathleen Blasi
Judy Bradbury
Susannah Buhrman-Deever
Laurie Calkhoven
Frank Camusso
Alyssa Capucilli
JN Courtney
Bruce Coville
Wendy Dunham
Ronny Frishman
James Howe
Will Hubbell, seen here with Christine O'Riley and volunteer Cassy
Keely Hutton
Yuko Jones
Joy Keller
Rashin Kheririyeh
Michelle Knudsen
Kevin Kurtz
London Ladd
Mylisa Larsen
Jeff Mack
Kekla Magoon
Matt McElligott
Kate Messner--OK, we got a picture of her, but just from the side. So instead I stole this picture from her website of her receiving--just days before coming the the RCBF--the Empire State Award for Excellence in Children's Literature!
Rose O'Keefe
Christine O'Riley
Andrea Page
Linda Sue Park
James Preller
Dr. Unseld Robinson
Dee Romito, seen here with Jackie Yeager
Alex Sanchez, seen where with volunteer Alex (no, not planned that way!)
Heidi Stemple
Tui Sutherland
Kyra Teis
Raul the Third
Peggy Thomas
Sally Valentine
Vivian Vande Velde
Ellen Stoll Walsh
Brian Yanish
Jackie Yeager
get-well card for Jane Yolen, who was very much missed
Leslie Youngblood
Vicki Schultz, one of the two co-directors for the festival
Barbara Underhill, the other co-director
Jim Chaize, volunteer coordinator
Changing of the guard: Ronny Frishman and Jim Chaize will take over the directing of next year's festival, while this year's directors--Barbara Underhill and Vicki Schultz--will be able to concentrate on other activities. Maybe their own writing!
Some of the many Lift Bridge Books staff, who kept the book sales line moving smoothly
Lift Bridge's Annie, flanked by Ellen Stoll Walsh and Kevin Kurtz
Being interviewed by Halena, from Spectrum News
All sorts of activities during the day, such as presentations. This one by Dee Romito
Vivian Vande Velde with audience participation acting out of 8 Class Pets...
Squirrel in the House...
Squirrel in the Museum...
and Squirrel on Stage. By the way, presenters had lovely American Sign Language interpreters from RIT helping us out.
Frank Cammuso, Jeff Mack, and Matt McElligott presentation of Its Alive!: Three Illustrators Draw Monsters
Mylisa Larsen reading
James Howe reading
Volunteers made sure there was always SOMEBODY reading in Read to Me Corner
face painting
book-related craft activities
A busy but fun day!
Thank you to Altrusa, for your help.
And the Monroe County Library System.
And lots of sponsors
Many thanks to my daughter and her husband who took so many of these pictures