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Rochester Children's Book Festival: Rochester, NY - November 6, 2021
The 2021 Rochester Children's Book Festival was virtual, with authors and illustrators reading from their works and talking on panels. Picture Books: How Are You Feeling? Coping With Emotions: James Howe, Heidi Stemple, Susan Verde, Jane Yolen
Annette Dunn reading
Susannah Buhrman-Deever reading
Dr. Unseld Robinson reading
Graphic Fiction: Drawing Demonstration: Brian Yanish, Steve Ellis, Frank Cammuso
Iza Trapani reading and singing
Jenny Cahall, Tiffany Polino, Margaret Pence--with Tiffany reading, singing, and dancing
Fantastical Fantasy for Middle Grade Readers: Sheela Chari, Bruce Coville, Vivian Vande Velde
The fantasy panel was helped by Sarah Mead, who handled questions from the audience
Historical Fiction -- Fact and Fiction Storytelling: Jeanmarie Courtney who helped with questions from the audience, Marsha Hayles, Keely Hutton with Elizabeth Falk, Susan Williams Beckhorn
Diverse Themes in Middle Grade Literature: MJ and Herm Auch, Alex Sanchez, Leslie Youngblood
How Authors Use Poetry and Verse To Tell A Story: Linda Sue Park, Nikki Grimes, Joseph Bruchac
Get Hooked on Chapter Books: Mysteries, Non-Fiction, and Humor: Michelle Knudsen, James Preller, Judy Bradbury, Laurie Calkhoven
Picture Books: Fiction and Non-Fiction: Mylisa Larsen, Mary W. who helped with questions from the audience, Kevin Kurtz, Susannah Buhrman-Deever
How Picture Book Authors and Illustrators Work Together: Kathleen Blasi, Yuko Jones, Peggy Thomas, London Ladd
Doing It All: Writing and Illustrating Your Books: Frank Cammuso and Jeff Mack
How To Write Non- Fiction That Middle Graders Want To Read: Ronny Frishman, Rose O'Keefe, Andrea Page, Sally Valentine
Read To Me Corner  Picture Book Stories Read by the Author: Mylisa Larsen
Read To Me Corner  Picture Book Stories Read by the Illustrator: Yuko Jones
Read To Me Corner  Picture Book Stories Read by the Author: Kathy Blasi