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Festival to Go at Children's School of Rochester #15: Rochester, NY - October 7, 2019
part of a mural by world-famous street artist from Brazil--and father of one of the students--Eder Muniz
Kindergarten - Jenny Cahall and Tiffany Polino
Grade 1 - Jackie Foster
Grade 2 - Mylisa Larsen ("One reason I like being an author is that I can work while in my pajamas."
Grade 3 - Brian Yanish
Junk Re-Thunk: art from cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, plastic bags, etc.
letting parachute guys fly
Jody LaRose from Altrusa presenting Brian with a certificate of appreciation
Grade 4 - Debby Rosenfeld
Grade 5 - Bruce Benson
Grade 6 - Sally Valentine
Eileen and Jody from Altrusa
author Brian Yanish with school librarian Melissa Frost
Principal Jay Piper flanked by office staff--all very friendly and efficient!
Vivian speaking at "Welcome" briefing (picture courtesy of Jody LaRose)