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Rochester Children's Book Festival in Rochester, NY: November 4, 2017
46 children's book authors and illustrators gathered at Monroe Community College for a day of free readings, presentations, and crafts. The authors: Vivian Vande Velde
Herm and MJ Auch
Susan Williams Beckhorn
Julie Berry
Kathleen Blasi
Judy Bradbury
Laurie Calkhoven and Erin Entrada Kelly
Frank Cammuso and Matt McElligott
Alyssa Capucilli
Keely Hutton and Bruce Coville
Wendy Dunham (pictured with her daughter)
Elizabeth Falk
Nikki Grimes
Marsha Hayles
James Howe
Will Hubbell
Joy Keller
Michelle Knudsen
Kevin Kurtz
London Ladd
Mylisa Larsen
Jeff Mack
Larry Tuxbury and Matt McElligott
Jeff Minderd
Jordan Novak
Rose O'Keefe
Andrea Page with Congressional Medal of Honor
Ammi-Joan Paquette
Linda Sue Park
James Preller
Robin Pulver with fans
Dee Romito
Pam Munoz Ryan
Mark Shulman
Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple
Tui Sutherland
Peggy Thomas
Sally Valentine with Dee Romito
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
MJ Auch with Ellen Stoll Walsh
Lisa Wheeler
The Festival can only work because of its many dedicated volunteers. Here are only a few: Festival co- directors Vicki Schultz and Barbara Underhill
Stephanie with Volunteer Coordinator Jim
Tui Sutherland and Barbara Underhill
Andrea Page with Wendy
Peggy and Fran Thomas
Pictures from the day, including some of the people who stopped by my table. Marsha Hayles and Donna Farrell, the artist who designed the Festival logo seen on all those beautiful volunteer t-shirts
Rose O'Keefe and Sally Valentine
Heidi Stemple
Barbara Underhill and Vicki Schultz present an award to host sponsors MCC and 292-Baby to thank them for their continued support of the Festival. (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Susan from Irish Children's Program of Rochester
Roxane Chadwick and Judy Bradbury
Mrs. Gray, librarian from St. Kateri School
Curious George
Cynthia Cotton, some-time participant at the Festival
Jim Vande Velde with Barbara Underhill
with Pikachu
Members of Altrusa collected used books to donate
Barbara Underhill with her grandson
with illustrator Yuko Kato-Jones and her sons
Laurie Calkhoven and Pam Munoz Ryan
Kevin Kurtz
Marsha Hayles
with Janet Bird, librarian from Helen Barrett Montgomery School #50
with Andrea Page
London Ladd
Ammi-Joan Paquette
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
Susan Williams Beckhorn
Ellen Stoll Walsh
Marsha Hayles and her husband Marc
Jeff Mack
Alyssa Capucilli
Following pictures courtesy of Ronda Roarding. Often they are of things I didn't get to see. Plus, they are so much better than the ones I took. Rose O'Keefe's presentation, with interpretation for hearing impaired (photo by Ronda Roaring)
(photo by Ronda Roaring)
(photo by Ronda Roaring)
(photo by Ronda Roaring)
(photo by Ronda Roaring)
London Ladd's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
London Ladd's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
London Ladd's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Andrea Page's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Keely Hutton's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Pam Munoz Ryan's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
(photo by Ronda Roaring)
(photo by Ronda Roaring)
Julie Berry's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Vivian Vande Velde and Jane Yolen (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Laurie Calkhoven (picture by Ronda Roaring)
Amy Ldwig VanDerwater's presentation (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Mylisa Larsen (photo by Ronda Roaring)
Michelle Knudsen (picture by Ronda Roaring)
RAPA presents cast of Annie! (photo by Ronda Roaring)