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Festival to Go at Helen Barrett Montgomery School #50 in Rochester, NY - October 23 and 24, 2017
18 volunteers presented at School #50 over a 2-day period as part of Rochester Area Children's Writers & Illustrators (RACWI) Festival to Go. From day 1: Altrusa volunteer coordinator Jody LaRose, authors Allene Lind, Jackie Yeager, Rebecca Solomon, Vivian Vande Velde, and School Librarian Janet Bird
Will Hubbell presenting to grade 8
Arlene Schenker, Mylisa Larsen, Elaine Costello
2 of the school's volunteers flanking Vivian Vande Velde and Marsha Hayles
Marsha Hayles presenting to grade 6
Vivian Vande Velde presenting to grade 6
Valerie McPherson (who presented at School #17, but came to School #50 to listen in)
Susannah Buhrman-Deever presenting to grade 2
Arlene Schenker (presenter from Day 2, who came Day 1 to listen), Mylisa Larsen, Altrusa volunteer Eileen, librarian Janet Bird
Allene Lind presenting to grade 3
Grade 3 teacher digs into Allene's pail of earthworms
Grade 3 teacher digs into Allene's pail of earthworms
Susannah donating books from her kids' school to librarian Janet Bird
Susannah Buhrman-Deever explains to grade 3 about the interconnection of ecosystems
Grade 3 teacher with Susannah
Altrusa coordinator Jody LaRose, authors Vivian Vande Velde, Allene Lind, Susannah Buhrman-Deever
Rebecca Solomon presenting to grade 4
Rebecca Solomon
Jacqueline Yeager hearing grade 4's guesses about things that should be invented by the end of the century
Grade 4 teacher with Jacqueline Yeager
students touching Jacqueline's advance reader copy of Spin the Golden Light Bulb, her book which will be published January 2018
Allene Lind's earthworms make a hit in the library, too.
library dragon--work in progress
Jody LaRose presents Altrusa certificate of appreciation to librarian Janet Bird for School #50
Day 2: October 24 Vicki Schultz, Lorraine Lander, Barbara Underhill, Carole Pelttari
Arlene Schenker presenting to grade K
Barbara Underhill presenting to grade 2
Carole Pelttari presenting to grade 5
Damon Piletz presenting to grade 3
Glen McCarty presenting to grade 3
Keely Hutton presenting to grade 7
Lorraine Lander presenting to grade 5
Vicki Schultz presenting to grade 4
Librarian Janet Bird with Vicki Schultz, Lorraine Lander, Barbara Underhill, and Carole Pelttari