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Children's Literature Festival: Warrensburg, MO - March 20-22, 2016


The 48th Children's Literature Festival was held on the campus of the University of Central Missouri:  more than 30 authors and/or illustrators, 4,000 kids (!), and probably just as many lovely volunteers made it possible.


The festival starts on Sunday with a luncheon.


Each year, there are incredible centerpieces for the tables, reflecting each of the authors.


Authors gather...


And so do volunteers.


The luncheon is attended by adults and children. Here are the people at my table...


After a tasty lunch, we heard from Dr. Gail Staines, Dean of Library Services.


Dr. Deborah Curtis, Provost


Maya Kucij, Festival Director


Presentation by Susan Campbell Bartoletti


The centerpieces were given away...


And the authors were introduced by Joan Arth.




William Anderson


Susan Bartoletti


Mary Casanova


Claire Caterer


J.B. Cheaney


Henry Cole


Sneed Collard


Chris Crutcher


Mike Graf


Kelly Milner Halls and Vivian Vande Velde


Cheryl Harness


Ard Hoyt


Antony John


Festival Director Maya Kucij with Roderick Townley and Stephen Johnson


Brian Katcher and Kate McMullan


Kate Milford


Claudia Mills


Dorinda Nicholson, with her husband Larry


Obert Skye


Marie Smith


Roland Smith


Brad Sneed


Michael Spradlin


June Rae Wood


Leslie Wyatt


After the luncheon, authors were available to autograph books and chat with guests.

It looks as though we're about to be beamed up into a UFO, but that's only because this picture was taken by the very tall Roderick Townley--standing on a chair...


The library is decorated with artwork by some of the illustrators...


...and about the participants' books.




9 am session was my free period, so I went to hear Marie Smith.


10 am session - with my wonderful volunteer helpers.


11 am session


1 pm session


2 pm session


Tuesday -- stopping by Registration


9 am -- sitting in on Mary Casanova's presentation


My lovely Tuesday volunteer helpers.


10 am session


11 am session


12 noon session - peeking in at presentation by Cheryl Harness


1 pm session


2 pm session