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Rochester Children's Book Festival: Rochester, NY - November 7, 2015


Monroe Community College hosted the 19th annual Rochester Children's Book Festival.  Click here for more information about the festival, and to see our sponsors.


The authors and illustrators...


Aaron Becker


Alyssa Capucilli



Bruce Coville


Chris Tebbetts


Cynthia Cotton


Cynthia DeFelice



David Kalvitis


Donna Farrell


Elizabeth Bluemle


Elizabeth Falk

(along with Kathleen Blasi, one of the leaders of the festival)


Ellen Stoll Walsh


Frank Cammuso


Heidi Stemple


Herm and MJ Auch


James Howe


James Preller


Jane Yolen, VVV, Heidi Stemple



Jennifer Sattler


Julie Berry and Sally Gardner


Kathleen Blasi

(along with Elizabeth Falk, one of the leaders of the festival)


Kevin Kurtz


Larry Tuxbury


Matt McElligott


Larry and Frank together, trying to find just the right pose...


Laurie Calkhoven


Linda Sue Park


Lisa Scott and Elizabeth Falk


Lisa Scott


London Ladd


Mark Shulman, also trying to find the right pose...


"Do I look thoughtful?"

(No, actually you look very, very tired.)


Mark Teague


Marsha Hayles and Judy Bradbury


Matt Phelan


Michelle Knudsen


Nikki Grimes


Peggy Thomas and MJ Auch



Peter Catalanotto


Robin Pulver


Festival Librarian Roxane Chadwick with Judy Bradbury


Sally Valentine and Rose O'Keefe


Sally Valentine


Sarah Albee




Wendy Dunham


Will Hubbell as children's book writer and illustrator Will Hubbell...


Will Hubbell as fantasy-writer-for-adults Morgan Howell


The Rochester Children's Book Festival is only possible through the hard work of many volunteers...


The day started with a song by volunteer Fran and writer Peggy Thomas.


And then the doors were opened to the public...


Many thanks to those who stopped by my table.  Here are some of them...


Lots of exciting things going on all day long...



There were readings...

(This one by Jennifer Sattler)



Reading by Alyssa Capucilli



Here I am getting kids (and a few adults) to act out 8 Class Pets...



There were therapy dogs, including this successor to Doctor Ricky.



These are all gentle, very laid-back, pettable dogs.



There were presentations, including this one by London Ladd.


And this one by Rose O'Keefe.


And booths by community sponsors...


Lots of people having a good time...


Craft activities

There were even authors behaving badly.

Here are past Empire Award winners Bruce Coville, Cynthia DeFelice, and Linda Sue Park trying to get this year's award away from VVV.


(Not that I'm gloating or anything...)


Oh-oh! I forgot to label the picture of the lovey Susan Williams Beckhorn!