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Children's Literature Festival: Warrensburg, MO - March 16 - 18, 2014
35 children's book authors and illustrators gathered for the 46th Annual Children's Literature Festival at the University of Central Missouri.



Carole Adler and Terry Trueman



William Anderson



Obert Skye and Mary Casanova



Claire Caterer



Antony John and Henry Cole



Claire Caterer, Sneed Collard, Brad Sneed



Jan Greenberg



Vicki Grove



Claudia Mills and Mary Downing Hahn



Kelly Milner Halls and Marsha Hayles



Cheryl Harness



David Harrison



Marsha Hayles



Patricia Hermes (with some of her young fans)



Ard Hoyt



Antony John and Marsha Hayles



Veda Boyd Jones



Veda Boyd Jones and Sneed Collard



Brian Katcher



James Kennedy (before his coffee?)



James Kennedy (after perhaps a bit too much coffee?)



Michelle Markel, Mary Downing Hahn, William Anderson



Claudia Mills



Dorinda Nicholson and Veda Boyd Jones



Brenda Seabrooke



Regina Sirois



Marsha Hayles and Obert Skye



Marie Smith



Roland Smith



Brad Sneed



Michael Spradlin



Stephanie Tolan



Roderick Townley



Terry Trueman



J.B. Cheaney and VVV



June Rae Wood


The festival is organized by Naomi Williamson (far right) and an army of volunteers... some cases including whole families!



Dean Mollie Dinwiddie, a big supporter.




The Festival starts on Sunday with a luncheon--with author-specific centerpieces for each table.


Henry Cole gave the lunch-time presentation.

Monday:  Volunteers get ready for the 5,000 visitors expected over the next two days!


My efficient and tireless helpers for Monday.



9 AM session



10 AM session




11 AM--lunch break.



12 PM session


1 PM--free session.  I went to hear Kelly Milner Halls.



2 PM session


In the evening, authors and volunteers gathered in the John C. Kirkpatrick Library



(It WAS St. Patrick's Day.)

Surprise!  Dorinda Nicholson (in back) arranged for the Missouri Humanities Council to give out 2 of the 2014 Missouri Humanities Awards on this special evening--to Naomi Williamson (for Exemplary Community Achievement)...

...and to Cheryl Harness (Distinguished Literary Achievement).

Yay! to Naomi and Cheryl for being recognized for their contributions!

Yay! to Dorinda for organizing for a representative from the Humanities Council to agree to drive 4 hours so that we could witness the presentation!




The clever volunteers set up displays of our books...


Tuesday's energetic and helpful volunteers



9 AM session



10 AM session



11 AM lunch break


A brief peek into Ard Hoyt's session


...and eavesdropping on Henry Cole.






12 PM session


1 PM session--free session.  I visited Patricia Hermes.



2 PM session


Kelly, Vivian, and Marsha try to take a selfie...

And now we return to that first picture: Kelly, Vivian, and long-time-Festival volunteer Angie.


So what's the significance of this picture?


Kelly has written a book called Ghostly Evidence, which will be published in October 2014.

I would never spoil a secret.

But there's something about me in that book, and there's something about Angie...