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Festival to Go at Roberto Clemente School #8: Rochester, NY - Oct. 28, 2013

As part of the Rochester Area Children's Writers & Illustrators outreach program Festival to Go, 17 authors visited Roberto Clemente School.  Also on hand were volunteers from Altrusa who generously bought books for the school's library.

Pictured, by the table of donated books:  librarian Amerique Wilson; Karen from Altrusa; author Marsha Hayles; principal Christine Sickles; VVV




Sibby Falk autographs books while Karen and Jody, both from Altrusa, look on.


Amerique Wilson checks the schedule with authors Ronny Frishman and Barbara Underhill.


Author Elaine Costello read from the picture book of fellow-RACWI member Will Hubbell.


Barbara Underhill's presentation.



Author Angela Zale and students make stone soup.


Author Allene Lind reads a story about a girl with tangled hair.


Authors Vicki Schultz, Peg Thomas, and Kathleen Blasi walk down the hall on the way to their sessions.


Peg Thomas reads "Snow Dance"


Sibby Falk starts her session by talking about her favorite books when she was growing up.


Author Mylisa Larsen reads a story where the children need to finish the rhyme.


After author Dorelis Osborne finished for the day, she returned to the library to chat with librarian Amerique Wilson.


Vivian Vande Velde and Marsha Hayles prepare for their joint session.


7th graders


Marsha and Vivian get interviewed between sessions.


Back in the library with Christine Sickles to mark the end of a festive and exciting day.

Additional photos taken by Jody from Altrusa...


The Altrusa volunteers:  Dellana, Barb, Kathy, Jill, Liz, Jody


Joan Baier, Angela Zale, Mylisa Larsen, Kathleen Blasi, Vicki Schultz, Elaine Costello, Sibby Falk


Sibby Falk signing her books, Karen, Jody


Barbara Underhill has the students marching and singing


Peg Thomas presentation showing all the folks needed to make a book


Peg Thomas, Karen, Barb, Mylisa Larsen, Angela Zale, Kathy, Liz


Marsha Hayles and Vivian share a presentation for the older students


Vivian Vande Velde


Kathleen Blasi, Susanah Buhrman-Deever, Karen Marquardt, librarian Amerique Wilson, Allene Lind


Librarian Amerique Wilson, Karen Marquardt,  Marsha Hayles, principal Christine Sickles, Vivian Vande Velde