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October 2012 - June 2013 album

Lights, Camera, Action! Master Class on Plot--presented by Cheryl Klein: Albany, NY - October 13: The Rochester (more or less) contingent:  Sibby Falk, Alice Delacroix, MJ Auch, Marsha Hayles, Cheryl Klein, Judy Bradbury, Kathy Blasi, VVV



VVV and Cheryl Klein


Greater Rochester Teen Read at the Rundel Library: Rochester, NY - October 14


Greater Rochester Teen Read at the Irondequoit Library: Rochester, NY - October 16


Greater Rochester Teen Read at the Brighton Library: Rochester, NY - October 18


School #25, Rochester, NY: Oct. 23, 2012




Rochester Children's Book Festival: Rochester, NY - November 10, 2012


RCBF: Bruce Coville


RCBF: Daniel Mahoney


RCBF: David Kalvitis


RCBF: Diane Kredensor and Kathy Blasi


RCBF: Elizabeth Bluemle


RCBF: Ellen Stoll Walsh


RCBF Frank Cammuso


RCBF: James Howe


RCBF: Jane Yolen


RCBF: Jeff Mack


RCBF: Joe Sottile


RCBF: Julie Berry


RCBF Julie Cummins


RCBF: Kate Messner


RCBF: Kevin Kurtz


RCBF: Laurie Calkhoven


RCBF: Lisa Wheeler and Linda Sue Park


RCBF: London Ladd and Michelle Knudsen


RCBF: Mark Shulman


RCBF: Mark Siegel


RCBF: Mark Teague


RCBF: Marsha Hayles


RCBF: Matt McElligott and Larry Tuxbury


RCBF: Matt McElligott


RCBF: Larry Tuxbury


RCBF: Matt Phelan


RCBF :Paul Acampora


RCBF: Peggy Thomas


RCBF: Peter Catalanotto


RCBF: Rafe Martin


RCBF: Robin Pulver and Cynthia DeFelice


RCBF: Sally Faye Gardner and Julie Berry


RCBF: Sally Valentine


RCBF: Scott Gibala-Broxholm


RCBF: Sheela Chari


RCBF: Sibby Falk


RCBF: Steven Kellogg


RCBF: Susan Williams Beckhorn


RCBF: Suzanne Bloom


RCBF: Will Hubbell


MJ and Herm Auch (seen here on either side of some of their family

Barnes and Noble Holiday Signing: Pittsford, NY - December 8, 2012

seated:  Scott Gibala Broxholm, Linda Sue Park, Kevin Kurtz. David Kalvitis

standing:  Susan Williams Beckhorn, Will Hubbell, Herm Auch, Rose O'Keefe, MJ Auch, Sally Valentine, Vivian Vande Velde, Susan Wojciechowski, Marsha Hayles, Rafe Martin, Ellen Stoll Walsh


Skype visit with Wellwood Middle School, Fayetteville, NY - February 26, 2013



Children's Literature Festival: Warrensburg, MO - March 17, 18, and 19, 2013

Alexandria La Faye and Vivian Vande Velde



Warrensburg: Carole Adler, Mike Graf, Dandi Mackall



Warrensburg: Zoe Alley, Henry Cole, R.W. Alley


Warrensburg: Bill Anderson


Warrensburg: Caroline Arnold


Warrensburg: Sandy Asher and David Harrison


Warrensburg: Herm and MJ Auch


Warrensburg: Darleen Bailey Beard, Larry Brimner


Warrensburg: Joan Carris


Warrensburg: Mary Casanova


Warrensburg: Sneed Collard, and son


Warrensburg: Alane Ferguson


Warrensburg: Judith Fradin


Warrensburg: Jan Greenberg


Warrensburg:  Mary Hahn


Warrensburg: Kelly Halls


Warrensburg: Patricia Hermes


Warrensburg: Ard Hoyt


Warrensburg: Anthony John and Veda Boyd Jones


Warrensburg: Veda Boyd Jones, and Cheryl Harness


Warrensburg: Claudia Mills


Warrensburg: Dorinda Nicholson


Warrensburg: Brenda Seabrooke


Warrensburg: Roland and Marie Smith


Warrensburg: Brad Sneed


Warrensburg: Mike Spradlin


Warrensburg: Stephanie Tolan


Warrensburg: Roderick Townley


Warrensburg: Terry Trueman and Marc Tyler Nobleman


Warrensburg: June Rae Wood


Altrusa "Shower," benefiting Rochester School Libraries: Rochester, NY - April 10, 2013

Speakers: Rita from School #42, VVV, and Julianne from Rochester International Academy


Indian Landing Elementary: Penfield, NY - April 18, 2013


NY Library Association Section of School Librarians Conference: Rochester, NY - April 26, 2013


Batavia High School: Batavia, NY - May 1, 2013


Meeting Michael Morpurgo: Rochester, NY - May 16, 2013

Ellen Stoll Walsh, Michael Morpurgo, VVV, Robin Pulver


Teen Book Festival: Rochester, NY - May 18, 2013

I attended as  a fan, not a participant.  Some of the volunteers wore tutus.  (Don't ask.)


with Lisa McMann


Holy Cross School: Rochester, NY - June 7, 2013

with 5th grade teacher Nancy Contestabile, fellow-author Niki Barrie, and 5th grade teacher Jennifer Kittle


DKI Acting Academy presentation of "Granny & the Wolf": Rochester, NY - June 28, 2013


"Granny & the Wolf"



"Granny & the Wolf"