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October 2008 - June 2009 album
Fifth grade presentations at Abelard Reynolds School #42, as part of the Rochester Children's Book Festival "Festival to Go" program


Brighton Library: Rochester, NY - October 14

October 25, 2008 Children's Book Fest:  Syracuse, NY:  VVV with Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators regional advisior Amy Emm.


Brighton Library Hallow-Teen Party: Rochester, NY - October 30:  Me, in my version of medieval dress, and my daughter Beth as a pirate...


...and organizer of the event, Deena Lipomi, Circulation & Young Adult Services Librarian


Rochester Children's Book Festival: Rochester, NY - November 8


RCBF:  MJ Auch, with a young fan who made an illustrated copy of one of MJ's books


RCBF:  Herm Auch


RCBF:  Susan Williams Beckhorn


RCBF:  Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt


RCBF:  Kathleen Blasi


RCBF:  Dr. Fred Bortz


RCBF:  Judy Bradbury


RCBF:  Tamora Pierce and Bruce Coville


RCBF:  Julie Cummins


RCBF:  Jacky Davis


RCBF:  Cynthia DeFelice


RCBF:  Elizabeth Sullivan Falk


RCBF:  Donna Farrell and Marsha Hayles


RCBF:  Scott Gibala-Broxholm


RCBF:  McNevin Hayes


RCBF:  James Howe


RCBF:  Will Hubbell (who also writes under the name Morgan Howell)


RCBF:  Sheila Jarkins


RCBF:  Carol Johmann--author, and also organizer of the festival!


RCBF:  David Klavitis


RCBF:  Rose Kent


RCBF:  Michelle Knudsen


RCBF:  Eric Luper


RCBF:  Jeff Mack


RCBF:  Daniel J. Mahoney


RCBF:  Linda Sue Park with Rafe Martin, holding his Empire State Award


RCBF:  Matthew McElligott 


RCBF:  Charles Noland


RCBF:  Chris Pallace


RCBF:  Linda Sue Park and Kyra Teis


RCBF:  McNevin Hayes and Robin Pulver


RCBF:  Virginia Elizabeth Rose and Leander Watts


RCBF:  Kevin Serwacki, carrying his rabbit Doorknob (with Chris Pallace in the background)


RCBF:  Mark Shulman, Jeff Mack, Paul O. Zelinsky


RCBF:  Stu Smith  (If you know Stu, no explanation is needed.)


RCBF:  David Soman


RCBF:  Joe Sottile


RCBF:  Peggy Thomas


RCBF:  Ellen Stoll Walsh


RCBF:  Paul O. Zelinsky

Palmyra-Macedon Middle School: Palmyra, NY - November 18

Seated:  Scott Gibala-Broxholm, Marsha Hayles, Carol Johmann

Standing:  Sheila Jarkins, Robin Pulver, MJ Auch, Vivian Vande Velde, Will Hubbell


Feb. 1 - 15, Jim and I took a cruise through the Panama Canal


Panama Canal locks


Northwood Elementary in Hilton, NY - March 6:  with Pat, Janis, and Julie


Village Elementary in Hilton, NY - March 9 and 10


Quest Elementary in Hilton, NY - March 9


Children's Literature Festival (University of Central Missouri), Warrensburg, MO - March 15 - 17:  I joined 47 authors at the 41st Festival, including Cheryl Harness, Vicki Grove, J.B. Cheaney


Lit Fest:  Shelley Gills and Carole Adler


Lit Fest:  Bill Anderson


Lit Fest:  MJ and Herm Auch


Lit Fest:  Dan Burr and Robin Brickman


Lit Fest:  Mary Casanova and Elisa Carbone


Lit Fest:  Jill Esbaum


Lit Fest:  Alane Ferguson (seen here with a young fan)


Lit Fest:  Susan Casey, me, and Sneed Collard


Lit Fest:  Carole Gorman


Lit Fest:  Kelly Milner Halls (holding onto Bill Anderson)


Lit Fest:  David Harrison


Lit Fest:  Richard Jennings (with volunteer Dennis)


Lit Fest:  Mary Downing Hahn, Patricia Hermes, Jan Greenberg


Lit Fest:  Veda Boyd Jones


Lit Fest:  Jane Kurtz


Lit Fest:  Kirby Larson


Lit Fest:  Claudia Mills


Lit Fest:  Alexandria LaFaye


Lit Fest:  P.J. Petersen


Lit Fest:  Barbara Robinson


Lit Fest:  Carole Adler and Brenda Seabrooke


Lit Fest:  Michael Shoulders


Lit Fest:  Brad Sneed and Gloria Skurzynski


Lit Fest:  Marie Smith and Judy Young


Lit Fest:  Roland Smith and Sneed Collard


Lit Fest:  Michael Spradlin


Lit Fest:  Stephanie Tolan


Lit Fest:  Roderick Townley and Michael Shoulders


Lit Fest:  Terry Trueman (with me and 2 of the many Festival volunteers)


Lit Fest:  Lea Wait


Lit Fest:  June Rae Wood


Lit Fest:  Leslie Wyatt


Lit Fest:  Judy Young







Hilton Schools' Spring Story Festival in Hilton, NY - March 19

Back row:  Village Elementary School Media Specialist Deb Lynch, author/editor Margery Cuyler, Northwood Elementary School Library Media Specialist Julie Rapp

Front row:  Northwood Elementary School Language Arts Specialist and past chair Hilton Story Festival Janis Hyland, VVV



Alden Intermediate School: Alden, NY - March 31

April 3 - The NYLA YSS Spring Conference in Rochester, NY, presented Linda Sue Park with the Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for Young People.

Me, Julie Cummins, Linda Sue Park



Our Lady of Mercy: Rochester, NY - April 7


Iroquois School: Irondequoit, NY- April 14


St. Joseph's Villa: Rochester, NY - April 16


Veronica Connor Middle School: Grand Island, NY - April 22


May 1 - Pine Bush Elementary: Guilderland, NY:  Library Media Specialist Kim Harmon, VVV, PTA volunteer Karen Covert-Jones

Our daughter Beth at her graduation from the vet tech program at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY: Graduate, with proud parents and proud fiance. 

One week later:  the wedding!



From left to right:  Josh's mom Melody, VVV, Elizabeth and Joshua Dempsey, Jim, and Josh's dad--also Jim.




In front of the train station at Rhinecliff, NY, with Judy Gafney (Media Specialist at Sharon Center School), who organized a visit to several schools in northwestern Connecticut because Three Good Deeds had been nominated for the state's Nutmeg Award. In May, I met with students from Sharon Center, Cornwall, North Canaan Elementary School, Kent, Salisbury Central, and Lee H. Kellogg.


June 10, I spoke at the RASL (Rochester Area School Librarians) Spring Banquet, in Rochester, NY. 

Teen Book Festival Honoree Stephanie Squicciarini, Rochester Children's Book Festival Honoree Carol Johmann, Vivian, RASL President Bonnie Kay



June 26, I spoke at a meeting of the American Association of University Women in Rochester, NY.

With Pat Thompson, Chair of the Public Policy Committee and Community Liaison